Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Purple glow - wedding

Last October 2014 I did a set of hantarans for Puan Jamaliah from Kajang.These were for her daughter s wedding...Puan jamaliah is the aunty of my customer  Datin Sazilah...Thank you Puan Jamaliah for your trust.
Love these white and purple orchids.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sireh Junjung - Wedding

A beautiful sireh Junjung for Puan Rozita s son

Pink Elegance - Wedding

Last September 2014 I did a simple set of hantarans for my dear friend Datin Rozita from Petaling Jaya.She has been my supporter over the years and this time it was for the last wedding in the family...her son.
Knowing her taste I chose these purple cymbediums and green orchids.Glad she loved them.The son and family too.

Ruby Red - Engagement

Last August 2014 during the month of Shawal I did a set of hantarans for Puan Azlah s other daughter Ferrana..They are from Shah Alam.Thank you Puan Azlah...you have been very supportive of my work.. I truly am grateful.
This set I used red roses and pale pink cymbediums and I was happy with the outcome.Glad your family loved them.

Sireh Junjung

This was a simple sireh junjung which I did for my neighbour s collogue..using pastels

Beautiful Pastels - Engagement

Thank you Puan Nurrimah from Shah Alam for your trust.Happy to have helped you with these hantarans for the engagement of your son..
Loved these pastel combination using roses and eustomas

Cinta Yellow

Its more than a year since I last update my blog.To my dear friends who have followed and supported me my sincere apologies....Yes i am still up and about mostly busy with my hectic life as a wife a mother a grandmom and a daughter.Just to share ,my family has expanded since...
My son got engaged and soon we will be getting another daughter...
My grandchildren has increased..we now have 10..and they seem to be growing very fast..oh yes next April we will be getting another cucu and that will make 11!!
For those who have followed my work may wonder whether I still do hantarans...yes of cos...its just that I didnt have enough time to write and post my works.
Since we are still in the month of Muharram....Selamat Tahun Baru!
 Here I am posting some works I did last year...this was for puan Siti from Penang 's cousin
Yellow cymbediums and roses